Self-Managed Strata Corporations

eStrataHub was created and is operated by Access Point Information Canada Ltd. in order to address the universal demand for a faster, more efficient way to manage strata document orders.

eStrataHub lets you manage the entire strata document ordering process online and the service is FREE to use for both Strata Managers and Self-Managed Strata Corporations.

With no IT staff or web expertise required the eStrataHub Service is a great way for you to better manage your strata document orders and provides an opportunity to generate revenue for your Strata Corporation.

What are the benefits?

  • Ability to handle strata document requests from Lawyers, Notaries, Realtors, and Homeowners.
  • Preserves Order History – eStrataHub orders retain messages, order details, confirmation of delivery and provides a complete historical audit trail.
  • Automatically calculates all document and priority fees.
  • Automates on-line requests for undertakings when required with Form F orders.
  • Collects payments and deposits these amounts directly into your bank account each evening – without charging you any service fees.
  • Produces online reports with a detailed record of your account activity.
  • Environmentally friendly – no paper to print, copy or fax.
  • eStrataHub is supported by a friendly help desk to answer all your questions and to assist in getting you started in using our service.

Who's using it?

  • With over 230,000 properties, over 80% of all Strata Managers in BC use eStrataHub to help them manage strata document orders. That means that you can be sure that we know what we are doing.
  • With an established subscriber following, eStrataHub has become the predominate method by which requestors order strata documents. When you sign up, you’ll be joining an extended community that use our service regularly.

How do I start using eStrataHub?

  • All you need is a valid email address and all you do is click the "Get Started! Register Here" button.
  • We’ll help you setup your account, work with you to setup priority fees and provide some training on how to process & manage orders.