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Please fill in the form below to apply for an account with eStrataHub. Our staff will review and process your application and you will be notified as soon as your account is enabled.

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This email address receives all of the emails from eStrataHub for events like new orders, undertaking received and completed payments.

Primary Notification Email - All notifications will go to this email regardless of other notification options that you may set in eStrataHub.

Authorization Requirements

Enabling this option will force Real Estate Agents to attach a PDF copy of the Listing Agreement and Mortgage Brokers/Banks to attach a PDF copy of the Owner Authorization document when ordering documents.

Lawyers and Notaries will not be required to attach a Listing Agreement when they order documents.
Email Notification by Role - If in the Authorization Requirements section you elected to require Realtors to upload their Listing Agreement and Mortgage Brokers/Banks to upload a signed current Owner Authorization document, you may also direct orders from Lawyers and Notaries to one or more emails, and orders from Realtors, Mortgage Brokers/Banks to another set of emails. This feature is optional and you may leave it blank.

Title Confirmation Settings

If you would like a title search provided by the requestor to confirm the current owners on title then please indicate in the settings below. If you indicate that the title search is required the order will not be allowed to be placed unless the title search is uploaded at the time of the order.
(If Optional or Required) Only ask for a title search if:
or more owners on title.

Bank Account Information

Please upload a pdf copy of a VOID Cheque or Banking Information for the bank account to which your order fees will be deposited.

Sample VOID cheque Note: Company name and address must be
pre-printed on your cheque.

Banking Information form If you do not have cheques with your Company name, please have your financial institution complete the Banking Information form and attach that.

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Limited Account Activity Reports

Account Activity reports show order activity for your firm. Enabling limited account activity reports will limit users (other than account owners) to only be able to generate reports against orders that they are working on or have completed.

Turn Limited Account Activity Reports:

eStrataHub Account Owner

This person can edit your eStrataHub account settings, add or delete staff members and change bank account information. You can change the Owner within eStrataHub anytime.

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Select the priority order options below. You can change these settings within eStrataHub anytime.

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