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The eStrataHub team wants to make sure that your question is answered in the most timely manner. This page will help direct you to the quickest way to find the answer or help you are looking for. Please click on the section below that best describes what kind of question you have.

For general help and instructions regarding how to use the eStrataHub system to place an order Click Here

All communication between property managers and customers can be performed via the messages tab in your order details section.

To send a message to your property manger concerning your order:

  1. Navigate to the Order Index screen
  2. Open your order details by double clicking on your order.
  3. Click on the tab labeled "Messages"
  4. Click on the "Send a Message" button
  5. Fill in the message box with your question, attach any files (if applicable) and click the Send button.

Using this method will send your message directly to the property manager fulfilling your order. When the Property Manager replies, you will receive an email alerting you that you have a message. Log back into eStrataHub, open your order, and click the Messages tab to view the message.

If you know your order number, enter it in the order number field and click the "Take me to my Messages" button. We'll bring you straight to your messages tab for your order.

When you first ordered your documents we took your payment details but did not charge you for your order. This is because many of the charges on an order, such as page fees, are not known until the property manager completes the order. Instead of charging you up front we show you an estimate for the cost of the order and, if you use a credit card, we pre-authorize your credit card for the estimated amount. The pre-authorization does not take funds from your credit card.

When your order is completed by the property manager and you are notified, pressing the "Complete Payment" will then initiate the transfer of funds from the payment method you entered.

Note: some online credit card statements may show our pre-authorization, however nothing is charged to your card but the credit available on your card is reduced by the pre-set authorization amount. Once you make payment on your eStrataHub order, the pre-set authorization is released and the final amount of the order is charged to your card.

We use the Adobe Portfolio feature to show all of your ordered documents in one PDF. To view portfolios you must use Adobe's Acrobat Reader (it's free) and you must have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer (also free). If you do not have Adobe Reader, or find that pages display as blank, you need to install the Reader and Flash Player software (see below).

Note: Other PDF viewer software may not be compatible with eStrataHub documents.

Please note that any questions you have concerning your order cannot be answered by the eStrataHub team. If you have an order specific question please refer to the first section on this page ("I am ordering documents and I have questions regarding my eStrataHub order").